Enhance the artwork with a select and classy range of textures that enrich the experience. Luxurious Leather looks, Classical Canvas , Warm, Wonderful Wood or Subtle Sand textures combine with design to create magic!

The discerning client is today looking for a more practical and efficient way to clad their walls rather than the usual wallpaint or wallpaper. Richen the look and feel of your walls with textured wallcoverings that add value to your space subtly and effortlessly. Be it whether you want the distinguished and regal look that your artwork on a luxurious leather texture can provide or the comfortable and snug feel that can be experienced through warm wood texture, we wish you to have what you desire. The vibrant and versatile feel that design on our classical canvas substrate provides has it’s own followers as does the soothing and calming effect that comes from our subtle sand textures. A texture to suit the mood of every space of yours, from bedrooms to boardrooms and from homes to Kiara Everywhere! Come and experience the joy of having your walls reflect your moods, emotions and feelings!